Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Maidenform Bra - Molding the Mid-Century Figure

Altering the female body to fit the ideal beauty of a particular culture has been a human obsession for centuries. Chinese bound feet, Kayan neck rings and, of course, the corset. A less invasive apparatus, but no less significant in defining the female figure is the brassiere. Push-up bras, reducing bras, bullet bras... no bra.

The bra is the foundation for the fashion. The wasp waist would not have seemed quite as exaggerated were it not for the bra. These 1950's Maidenform ads, though humorous, show the variety of ways in which a Mid-Century woman's breasts were shaped.

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Monday, May 26, 2014

Easy Jersey Gloves

1950s Ladies Gloves Pattern

For the garden or that most anticipated gala event, these jersey gloves will fit the bill for comfort and class. Make a pair in scrap jersey and embellish with fancy stitching. In shortie or gauntlet styles. Pattern and instructions print on 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper. Use instructions diagrams to match printed patterns. Download HERE.

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Paper Dolls with Real Clothes

Paper Dolls with Real Fabric Clothes Woman's Day August 1954
When I was a kid I played with paper dolls. I cut out Betsy McCall, pasted her to tagboard and dressed her with the fashions of the day... all in paper. Paper dolls, to my mind, left much more scope for the imagination (to quote Anne Shirley) than three dimensional dolls. And it was so much easier to design your own "garments" in two dimensions on paper. Add the little tabs and your doll is ready to go.

This 1954 Cut Out Dolly, from Woman's Day Magazine, includes Dolly and outfits made with fabric and photographed. Using each of the outfits as a guide, make your own fabric clothes for Dolly. This would be a wonderful Mother Daughter project, and with today's technology, you could print out photos of the two of you and make wardrobes that match. Download Dolly HERE. Prints on two 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Bridal Veils from Woman's Day 1955

February 1955 Woman's Day Veils to Make

For the bride with a vintage flair, the available headpieces to complete the ensemble are not so easy to find in the ready-to-wear bridal shops. This 1955 article with charts and instructions for 8 headpieces with veils makes it easy to be vintage on your wedding day.

Lace Bonnet - photo by Ben Somoroff

Satin Band with Illusion photo by Ben Somoroff

Velvet Bow photo by Ben Somoroff
Satin Halos photo by Ben Somoroff

Pearl Embroidered Lace Cap photo by Ben Somoroff

Pleated Satin Cap photo by Ben Somoroff

Gathered Illusion Cap photo by Ben Somoroff
Velvet Disc photo by Ben Somoroff

Download instructions to make all 8 veils HERE. Prints on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. 

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Download this Bird Cage Fascinator pattern HERE.

And for your 1950's vintage finale - print out this pattern for Brides Blue Garter. Make it special. Make it yourself!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Slippers - Easy To Make From Vintage Sewing Patterns

McCall's 9027 at CynicalGirl on Etsy

Slippers, scuffs, house shoes, slip-ons, mules ... no matter what you call them, we all LOVE slippers! And they are so easy to make. You can make them classy or funky or whimsical, and with so many fabulous fabric choices, your entire wardrobe can have matching slippers. Or make them to give. Everybody loves those gifts from the heart and if it can keep their pinkies warm -- all the better. Gut busy now. Only 7 months until Christmas!

McCall's M6715 at CynicalGirl on Etsy and at CynicalGirl on Goodsmiths

Matching Mommy and baby slippers are fun and easy to make.

Simplicity 2278 at CynicalGirl on Etsy or CynicalGirl on Goodsmiths

Find this 1950's Ballet Slippers pattern HERE on the Free Pattern Friday post on the Vintage Pattern Marketplace Blog to download for FREE!

Vintage Pattern Marketplace: Easy To Make Gingham Ballet Slippers  Easy To Make Gingham Ballet Slippers The pattern for these easy to sew slippers came from my grandmothers 1947 copy of Golden Treasury of Needlecraft ..... more

Thursday, May 1, 2014

1940's Toddler's Sun Suit Patterns

8 June 1945 Younkers Ad in The Des Moines Register

 ...Fashioned for the minimum coverage and the maximum in good looks! This 1945 Younkers ad from the Des Moines Register for Summertime Togs depicts the small fry in suspender shorts and sun suits. The sun suit, in all of it's variations, is still as popular today as they were in their heyday.

Mail Order 2520 Sun Suit Pattern

The sweetness of the cherub-like face may have something to do with the popularity of this pattern. I can't tell you how many requests I have had for it. This is a Mail Order pattern from 1949. I found the advertisement for it on from the 6 June 1949 issue of The Times Record from Troy, New York. 

The Times Record - Troy NY 6 June 1949

This 1948 Advance pattern adds a little kimono sleeve bolero for an easy to sew cover-up.
Advance 4927 from CynicalGirl on Etsy

With the popularity of sewing vintage fashions for both kids and grown-ups, it's no surprise that the Big 4 pattern companies have been reissuing some of the more popular patterns from the 40's and 50's. Simplicity released a ruffled pantie sun suit pattern similar to our Mail Order gem in 2013. With or without the ruffled pantie, Simplicity 1600 (a recreation of Simplicity 1944 from 1947©) is a good imitation of our 2520 with the bonus that this sweet sun suit converts to a bikini top and panties and includes a sun bonnet. 

Simplicity 1600 at CynicalGirl on Goodsmiths

Ms. Belle's Boutique made the original Mail Order 2520 with the most beautiful embroidery trim. You can visit her blog HERE to see the finished results. No doubt you will want to make this sweet little sun suit for your sweet little one. 

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