Monday, May 11, 2015

Embellishing for a Couture Finish

Threads Magazine June 2015 Back Cover

The latest issue of Threads™ Magazine features a 1940's evening gown on the back cover. The design of the gown is typical of the era. What sets this particular dress apart from the rest is the added embellished trim to the collar, sleeve holes and hem. This little attention to detail made me recall an earlier post about an otherwise ordinary dress from my collection that distinguishes itself through tucks and folds. (See The Smocked Dress here.)

This lovely gown sent me off to my closet to revisit a few other garments I treasure for their distinguished embellishments. This jacket, however ordinary in style and shape features a detail at the collar, pocket and cuffs that elevate it to a higher, more sophisticated level.

The faded stitching underneath reveals the mechanism for this unique flourish. Perhaps strips of bias cut fabric are rolled and stitched to secure, then looped, overlapping to form the lapped loop trim that is both restrained and elegant recalling the looped epaulettes of a high ranking officer. It also appears to have been attached manually and not sewn into the seam.

This lovely sheer bed jacket from the 1950's boasts a ruffled collar and band trim of pleated and embroidered chiffon.

This effect would not be difficult to achieve either with a ruffler attachment or folded and stitched by hand. But what a pretty frame for your face with that little bit of ruffle standing at the nape of your neck.

This 1950's peignoir and negligee ensemble of sheer chiffon adds a simple ruffle trim to the yoke, collar and cuffs.

That same ruffle treatment is repeated on the bodice and shoulder straps. Nothing screams wedding cake frou frou more than this sweet raised embellishment. 

These treatments do not require any extraordinary skills though they do demand a bit of patience and precision. The final presentation, however, will be worth every moment spent as you proudly wear your everyday garment that has been elevated to Couture with your embellishing technique.

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