Saturday, August 3, 2013

Thomas Wilson & Co Lace

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This 1950's insert for packaged lace from Thomas Wilson & CO., Inc. Wilson Maid Laces, includes instructions to "Make a sleeveless jumper or dress seem new and different. Add 1.5" Nylon Val Galloon on standard balloon sleeve pattern. Elasticize both ends."

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Use detachable collar. Ruffled yoke effect achieved with Nylon Alencon Edge, 2.25" width. Scarf that ties-on for jabot effect is edged with 5/8" Nylon Val lace. For ingenue look, add row after row of 5/8" gathered Nylon Val Lace to collar.

Thomas Wilson Lace & Co., Inc. New York, NY, was producing fine lace as early as 1902 and perhaps earlier. Known for it's lingerie lace, Warner Brothers Company was one of it's important clients. After a dispute over infringement of it's 1964 copyright on a pansy lace design first embodied in an elastic "spandex" and later a rigid nylon fiber, and a labor dispute in 1971, the company dissolved in 1986.

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