Monday, December 16, 2013

101 Ways to Save With Your Sewing Machine

101 Ways to Save was published by the Domestic Sewing Machine Company, established in 1861, known as the American Domestic Sewing Machine when it became available in Europe. It was a popular brand and readily available, even sold by Sears. The company was active into the 1950's when it was sold under the brand White. I was able to find quite a story about the Domestic machines at Alex Askaroff from the Sewalot site is the keeper of the best resource for researching sewing machines and the curious histories behind them. Visit to learn more.

The Domestic Sewing Machine Company

This marvelous little pattern book was published around 1955. It must have been one of the last things published under the "Domestic" name. Inside there are patterns that are easy and quick to make gifts, clothes and takes us back to the origins of "upcycling". 

101 Ways to Save with Your Sewing Machine

With quick and easy patterns to elegantly transform your wardrobe, or DIY window shades, you'll find tips that save Time, Temper and Money in this 1950's booklet. Download HERE for more fun patterns that are easy to sew and wonderful gifts to make and give.

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  1. I love those 1950s styles!

    Hmm. I had a White sewing machine, long ago. I still regret giving it up, even though the repair would have cost more than the new machine.