Wednesday, June 4, 2014

1940's Peplum Skirt - An Easy To Make Pattern

Easy to make Evening Peplum Skirt
The skirt for evening wear is much overlooked in favor of dresses. Though a dress is certainly a complete presentation, the skirt and blouse with or without a jacket, is every bit as sophisticated and so much more versatile than a dress. Consider this peplum skirt from the 1947 Golden Treasury of Needlecraft. The charted pattern is easy to draft and even easier to sew. This striped taffeta is certainly a head turner, but made in a plaid taffeta or even crisp linen or luxurious velveteen would be more than worth the return in investment in envy alone. Download this skirt pattern HERE.

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  1. I love the effect this peplum gives the skirt.

  2. Nice stripes, but I think the Mickey Mouse ears are distracting.

  3. The skirt is elegant, I think! Thank you for the free download

  4. Can you imagine a time when ladies made their evening wear? Could you imagine clubbing girls today sitting down to sew?
    This is lovely, thanks for passing it on!