Monday, October 13, 2014

Simplicity Pattern Catalog - October 1964

Simplicity Fall Pattern Catalog October 1964

The time is 50 years ago and I am only 7 but I remember my mother wearing some of these fall fashions. Just on the brink of the new Mod era, the fashions in this fall catalog emphasize necklines and capes. 50 years past and we are embracing some of these same designs once again. Shop vintage patterns for an authentic retro look. Visit my Cynical Girl shops on Etsy, Goodsmiths, Bonanza and Zibbet to find fabulous 1960's dress and accessories sewing patterns.

Find this 1960's catalog and others to download HERE.


  1. How cool! I love old fashion catalogs.

  2. I am sure my mom had a skirt from fabric near identical to that of the cover illustration!
    In fact, I think my doll had a skirt I "sewed" for her out of it, too!

    Love the clean simple lines- and the fact that with a few simple pieces she had a complete wardrobe! Great stuff!

    1. That mix and match wardrobe was such a great idea. I need to work on that in my own wardrobe.