Monday, September 7, 2015

Princess Louise Crocheted Evening Bag - 1916 Corticelli Lessons in Crochet - Free Pattern

Princess Louise Crocheted Bag Number 275
Last week I posted the pattern from the 1916 Corticelli Lessons in Crochet for the Princess Phoebe Slippers. Today I am posting a pattern for the Princess Louise Crocheted evening bag. The pattern appears to be a pretty straight forward circular design with an edging to accommodate a drawstring. Lined with a pretty satin or velvet this bag would be a lovely accompaniment to any evening attire. 

Download HERE or visit the Antique Pattern Library for this and more from their online library of patterns to share (not sell).


  1. Gorgeous bag. I am positive this is beyond my skill set but I've bookmarked this. I really want to improve and that is my goal for the winter months.