Thursday, February 25, 2016

Merry Hull - 1940's Fashion Accessories - Free Pattern

 1940's Merry Hull Fashion Forward Accessories

Merry Hull is best remembered for inventing a modified gusset for the fingers and thumb in women's gloves. It was revolutionary and allowed the hand and fingers to move with ease.

She was also instrumental in creating what we now take for granted.... matching accessories. This 1940's Merry Hull pattern, first appeared in This Week magazine as a mail order pattern. It is reproduced for you here to recreate the bolero, handbag/muff, belt and hat. Download here.


  1. I love that bolero - and thank you for sharing the information about Merry - I had no idea.

  2. I'd wondered about the glove gussets. I thought they were a Victorian invention. Great info!

    I love the bolero, too. :-)

  3. Merry Hull was born Gladys Whitcomb and her brother was the renowned artist Jon Whitcomb illustrator reporter (and married for 6 weeks to Mary Brian actress) Merry Hull was married to Robert Geissman artist

    1. Thanks for the info. He was also one of the Art Instruction Schools instructors as well. Remember the can you draw Winkie ads in magazines? My dad took the mail order course and probably had Whitcomb's corrections on his drawings.