Monday, May 15, 2017

Dressing Lola

We adopted a tiny Chihuahua this week. Her name is Lola. 

L - O - L - A Lola. Lo, lo, lo, lo, Lola. 


She was orphaned after her owner of 10 years passed away. I saw this photo on the Poweshiek Animal League's Facebook page and, without hesitation, messaged for an appointment to meet little Lola. That was last Saturday. Tuesday, nervous and shaking, she rode home with us. 

After a couple of days of hissy fits from Saskia, our grey tiger, the two girls have arrived at a mutual but cautious curiosity about each other, though both are quick to retreat to their own safe zones when tensions heighten.

We were told that Lola was not housebroken and wouldn't walk on a leash. To our surprise and delight we have found that she loves to take walks on the leash and even does her business while out and has not once used the potty pads or done any "odd jobs" around the house. 

But the collar and leash were not working very well. She scratched at her neck under the collar and the leash often got tangled in her front legs or rubbed on her face. So I wondered if a harness would work better by keeping her neck free and the leash behind her. 

I found McCall's M6455. This patterns includes instructions and tissues to make several necessities for dogs (or perhaps cats too).

I made the harness in the smallest size like this one.

But even the smallest size is way too large for little Lola.

Though it doesn't scratch at her neck and the leash is no longer problematic, the looseness allows her front legs to get lost in the harness and she stops walking.

I redesigned it a bit to accommodate her small size but I think it is back to the drawing board for a simpler type of walking harness that is Velcro free but still keeps the neck free and the leash at the back. Stay tuned. I think I have an idea that just might work.