Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Stuffed Animals - Every Child's Delight

McCall 419

I slept on the upper bunk in an upstairs bedroom I shared with with three of my sisters. Two sets of bunk beds in this dormer like bedroom, where the ceiling angled in at the sides, in a 1920's bungalow on Milwaukee's near north side. If you let the covers hang over the sides you could imagine you were in a covered wagon. Ahh. My vivid childhood imagination kept me engaged for hours on end. That was the early 1960's. 

Simplicity 2249

My upper bunk was home to 20 or more stuffed animals, my favorite being the large lion and Zip, the monkey. I have always had a tremendous love for all creatures and of course these inanimate plushies occupied the prime spots and overtook more than just leg room, so much so that it was not uncommon for me to fall out of bed when I turned in my sleep. I don't have any of those dear stuffed pals anymore but my memories of them are still fond. Today my bed plays host to many creatures but these are living and breathing pals.

Simplicity 4915

I still harbor great affection for cuddly toys and though I sell many patterns in my Etsy and Goodsmiths shops, these stuffed animal patterns will remain in my personal collection. The designs of the past have such dignity about them, not the cartoon type stuffed toys that dominate today's market.

McCall's 1810

What a wonderful Easter present to receive a new stuffed toy. These are so many patterns to make something really special for your little sweetheart.

Simplicity 3701

This crocheted puppy would delight any child. Download the pattern to make this sweet stuffed toy.

Or if you are in a particularly nostalgic mood, you could make an iconic sock monkey toy. I have made dozens of these familiar faces for nieces and nephews over the last 30 years. These two are not quite ready for prime time but will be ready for my newest grand niece or nephew in May. Make your own with these instructions.

Sock Monkeys - Red Heel Socks - Fox River Mills


  1. I'm jealous Mary, I love all these patterns. They are so much cuter than the newer ones.

    1. Aren't they charming. I imagine them being made out of old clothes no longer wearable.

  2. These patterns are so darling! I love them all.

  3. I have several that I just won't give up either! I just got a few new (old) ones from the 1940s. One I'd never seen before.

  4. Those are adorable! I love the sleeping kitty and wish I could make a soft floppy one of those for my daughter ~ she would love it!

  5. Good evening! You have a remarkable blog! I want to sew the monkey, but I can't find a pattern. I saw your pattern and I fell in love with it. Very much I want to get it at you, I will accept even the electronic version. My blog :. Thanks! I look forward to hearing from you, Kate!

    1. Thanks for popping in. It may take a minute to open but the file is there and ready to download. Good luck with your project.