Thursday, April 24, 2014

A. Neely Hall Craft Patterns

A. Neely Hall Craft Pattens No. 115 1941 Mail Order Woodworking Pattern

1941 and the world is at war ..... again. It seems no matter where you look, all hands are on deck. The war effort at home reached deep into the day in and the day out of every person in America and abroad. Everything was being rationed from sugar to tires to silk stockings. A. Neely Hall Craft Patterns, a company offering mostly woodworking patterns that were available as mail order patterns (just like sewing patterns), contributed to the war effort with their do-it-yourself patterns to make everything from pencil holders to boats and cabins using wood and not precious metal.

This very rare pattern for spool holders in the guise of Military Men was published in 1941. You could use a scroll saw or coping saw to cut these pieces out - or an Exacto knife to reproduce in chip board. Either way you choose to replicate this quintessential World War II era memorabilia, the result will be both useful and nostalgic. Download this pattern HERE to print out on 8.5" x 11" sheets of paper.

Make them for gifts for those very special retro sewists on your gift list.

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