Wednesday, July 8, 2015

1924 Spring and Summer Fabric Advertisement from The National Cloak and Suit Comapny

Purchasing through catalogs, such as this National Cloak and Suit Company Style Book from 1924, must have seemed to the 20th century woman, a similar experience to shopping on line for the 21st century woman. But oh what beautiful page layouts and illustrations.

Not to mention the variety of textures and colors and, of course the price!!

These color pages were followed by pages of black and white illustrations of fabric. I imagine that the more common fabrics, or perhaps fabrics that had been introduced in earlier issues of the magazine didn't need to be replicated in color.

Imagine what the price for some of these silks would be in today's fabric stores.

But no matter the price, what a joy it would be to sew a garment with any of these beautiful and high quality fabrics. One can dream.


  1. No comment. Great stuff. Goes without saying.

  2. Love looking through old catalogs and flyers! These are simply gorgeous pages. And what a selection was available through the catalog. Great for women who lived in rural areas and couldn't get these fabrics easily. Thanks for posting them:)

  3. What a cool find! I love the old catalogs, too. :-)

  4. Remember when we sigh over 1920's prices we have to remember 1920's wages. 😊

  5. One of the interesting details in the varied widths of the fabrics. Today the widths are so standardized no one really has to think about the cutting layout as the standard diagrams supplied by pattern manufacturers works.