Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Vintage 1900's Crochet Hat and Tunic - Free Corticelli Patterns

Vintage 1919 Corticelli Crochet Patterns

I happened upon Cortecelli Book 9, Lessons in Crochet, dated 1919 at the thrift shop this morning. It is missing pages 11 to 39 and the marvelous projects in the remaining pages have me searching for a copy in it's entirety. Though this blog is usually dedicated to sewing but I am also an avid knitter, spinner, crocheter, quilter among other things, so I thought I would post these rare patterns.

The jacket is lovely with it's raised stitching and fringe trim. Though this fashion was the rage almost 100 years ago (think about that!) it has lost none of it's appeal and the tunic length is perfect with today's skirts or leggings.

Gorgette Hat with Ribbon Crown

This lovely brimmed hat with crocheted crown of satin ribbon is a perfect hat for garden or garden party. 
Knitted Hat of Pearl Cotton

Fitting snugly over the brow, this cloche in alternating color blocks and contrast crown is a statement headpiece for Fall and Winter or even Spring in bright and light colors. Download all three patterns for fabulous turn of the century fashions.


  1. These are darling patterns! Perfect for vintage motorcar enthusiasts.

  2. Love those hats! Alas, I am a terrible crocheter - my grandmother, bless her heart, tried and tried to teach me - my granny squares came out round every time. It took nearly all one summer in high school for her to guide me through a simple granny square muffler/scarf. Anyhow, those are to die for hats. Thank you for posting them. Maybe I'll try that last one...it's knitted, not crocheted.

  3. I love the antique crochet hat. The brim looks like fabric was used. The combined look of crochet and fabric is awesome!