Monday, September 9, 2013

1940's Prims Clothespin Caddy Pattern

The Prym sewing notions company traces back to the 16th century where it is the oldest family business in Germany. Hans Prym immigrated to America and in 1924 he established Prims, a sewing notions manufacturing firm as an autonomous offshoot of the historic Prym family business in Germany.  The Long Island plant expanded quickly and soon moved to a larger plant in Dayville, Connecticut. During World War II it's specialized machinery was applied to machine shop production of defense products. Today Pryms Consumer USA products include Prym Sewing, Dritz and others.

I have uncovered several patterns that originated from the Home Economics Department or the Educational Bureau of William Prym, Inc, as this one does. Probably dating around the late 40's because the company first introduced the "Cover-Your-Own" buttons, snaps and buttons after 1946. This little gem is a whimsical take on a once useful accessory. And what a creative way to sell buckles and buttons. 

I don't know how these patterns got into peoples hands. Were they high school Home-Ec projects? I have searched newspaper archives and they do not appear to have been mail order. I have several packages of the buttons and buckles and none have any offers for patterns. I did see an advertisement for a sewing fair that had representatives present from many companies including Singer and Prims. They were doing demonstrations of their products and perhaps that is where they originated? The mystery continues.

For a pattern and instructions to make this nostalgic clothespin caddy click HERE.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing these patterns. I have never seen any from Prim's before and am delighted with them.