Monday, September 9, 2013

How To Decorate Sweetheart Soap

I don't know if any of my sisters remember the big glass container in my grandmother's powder room that was filled with pastel colored oval bars with raised filigree and arabesque shapes. I didn't know it then but I recognize now that those were Sweetheart soaps. I still remember how they filled that powder room with their sweet perfume. They were right next to the jar of Tums.

How to Decorate Sweetheart Soap

I recently discovered this little 1960's fold out pamphlet with directions for decorating those little oval soaps. The kit, which originally contained the sequins, beads, tulle, felt and even the little head and hat, were sold for fifty cents and one Sweetheart Soap foil wrapper.

I have the entire booklet to download HERE. Sweetheart soap is no longer available except in vintage shops but this still might be a fun craft idea for the kids on a rainy day.

Vintage Sweetheart Soap from PrettyKeepers on Etsy

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  1. My mother used to wash my mouth out with Sweetheart Soap. It stayed between my teeth longer than the leading brand. I would tell can I have such a dirty mouth if you're all the time cleaning it out?