Friday, September 13, 2013

Prims Camelot Casual

Prims Camelot Casual Skirt, Apron, Plastron and Babushka
Another 1950's Prims pattern. Do take a look at the 
caterpillar kilt pin. Download this pattern HERE.

Pleated skirt, Apron, shaped plastron, and head scarf. I suppose the term "Camelot" comes from the kilt and breast plate of the plastron.

The Prym sewing notions company traces back to the 16th century where it is the oldest family business in Germany. Hans Prym immigrated to America and in 1924 he established Prims, a sewing notions manufacturing firm as an autonomous offshoot of the historic Prym family business in Germany.  The Long Island plant expanded quickly and soon moved to a larger plant in Dayville, Connecticut. During World War II it's specialized machinery was applied to machine shop production of defense products. Today Pryms Consumer USA products include Prym Sewing, Dritz and others.

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